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Inpatient drug rehab CAWhile most of the people in California who seek help for substance abuse do so at outpatient programs, often times an inpatient drug rehab would be more effective for them. There are several contributing factors to this, including a temporary removal from the environment, focused time to deal with the main issues initially, as well as assistance completing detox and withdrawal, which may be difficult for some in an outpatient setting.

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What Kinds of Inpatient Rehabs Are Available?

Most of the inpatient drug rehabs in California are roughly one month long (28 or 30 day rehabs), however, there are also more longer-term residential facilities opening up as well. While length of time can be a factor in determining success, by no means is it the only one. The method of treatment should be the primary focus, especially whether or not it is conducive for the individual.

There are many kinds of rehabs available in CA, probably the widest selection in the nation. There are programs that are highly religious and Christian-based, while others can be based on more Eastern philosophies. There are 12 step facilities as well as non-12 step rehabs. There are those that are much more medicalized including prescribing replacement drugs, as well as those that are more naturally based and use healthier techniques to address the symptoms.

Another difference in kinds of inpatient rehabs can be their settings, which includes not only their location, but also the number of beds they have, if it is a non-hospital residential facility or if it is more of an inpatient hospital treatment center. A common theme in California is for rehabs to have multiple housing facilities, which keeps the number of beds per facility lower for supervision and privacy but allows for a larger number to be treated at the daytime facility.

There are also varying costs associated with these programs. We've seen 30-day inpatient rehabs cost as little as nothing (paid for by some outside funding source), up to roughly $100,000, and just about everywhere in between. The average cost for inpatiend drug rehabs in California is probably about $15,000 per month. Of course there are facilities that work with private health insurance, have financing options or may have short-term payment plans.

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Inpatient drug rehabs in California

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