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Although everyone abusing drugs or alcohol has to go through some type of detox or withdrawal period to get off the drugs, there are roughly 1,800 people in California that actually go to stay at some type of detox center. An additional 4,400 try doing an outpatient detox program, and the rest withdraw in some other fashion. Not all detox centers in California are the same, and some are much more effective than others.

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Types of Detox Centers in California

California drug and alcohol detox helpThe most common form of detoxification in California and around the country is a social detox - meaning it typically medically-monitored but no prescriptions are given. Most drugs can be withdrawn from in this fashion if there is proper rest and nutrion provided along with vitamin and mineral supplements that aide the process.

A detox where drugs are administered on a short-term basis to stabilize the person and eliminate the major withdrawal symptoms is often referred to as a medical detox. This is overseen by a doctor and other medical staff and usually lasts about a week, depending on the types and amounts of drugs taken as well as the individual's health and history. One of the most difficult problems with this type of procedure is the tendency to prescribe long-term maintenance drugs such as opioid replacement therapy, antidepressants, antipsychotics or anti-anxiety drugs. This can be very dangerous as these drugs often have potentially very heavy and harmful side effects and may even cause relapse due to the high potential for abuse. We do not recommend drug replacement therapy in most cases.

While many rehab centers in California don't provide detox themselves, you will often find that they work with a local doctor to oversee the process while the client is staying in the inpatient drug rehab. It is very common practice and can work just as well if the right treatment center and doctor are located for your situation.

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