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Just over a third of drug rehab centers in California offer long-term residential rehabilitation programs, yet only about ten percent of people receiving addiction treatment services in the state attended such a program. This is one reason why the relapse rate is so high, in addition to the fact that more programs are relying on prescribing drugs to clients instead of helping them get off all drugs.

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What Does Long-Term Mean?

Long-term drug rehabs in CaliforniaThere are varying definitions for long-term rehabs in California. Some people consider anything over 30 days to be longer-term, while others think it means more than 12 months. Realistically, it could be anywhere in between, depending on the type of program.

For example, there are many non-12-step rehabs in California that are open-ended, meaning there is no definitely set period of time. This generally means it takes a few months to complete, but is based on the individual.

We recommend programs that are at least 90-days long in California for most people. While this doesn't always apply to everyone, statistics have provent that more time in treatment is generally better than short-term programs. 28-day programs rely more on tradition and insruance companies rather than sound therapies. It is understood that sometimes people cannot afford to take more than 30 days for inpatient rehabilitation, so finding the right facility for your situation is the best approach, which will ensure a smoother transition and better aftercare program for you.

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Long-term drug rehabs in California

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